Saturday, 29 November 2008

Las Pumas - Margay release (Spring 2008)

Video courtesy of Las Pumas Rescue Shelter.


Gorilla Bananas said...

You like big cats do you? Well you're welcome to the lot of them! For us primates they're a menace.

BIG CAT Conservation said...

Yes, I know and understand but I specialise in big cats so I can make a difference to their lives - mainly the ones in rescue shelters which don't have access to primates!
All wildlife needs help and I also have an interest in primates and the work of Jane Goodall.
Thanks for your comment and nice blog by the way!

Big D said...

It was great to hear that a Margay has been released in Costa Rica, it sounds like 'Las Pumas' is doing a great job.

BIG CAT Conservation said...

Hi Big D
Thanks for your comment on the Margay and they have just recently released the ocelot. Las Pumas is a fantastic rescue shelter with dedicated staff and they have no government funding.